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Nissens 89052 Air-con Compressor Next working day to UK

Nissens 89052 Air-con Compressor Next working day to UK
Nissens 89052 Air-con Compressor Next working day to UK
Nissens 89052 Air-con Compressor Next working day to UK
Nissens 89052 Air-con Compressor Next working day to UK
Nissens 89052 Air-con Compressor Next working day to UK

Nissens 89052 Air-con Compressor Next working day to UK   Nissens 89052 Air-con Compressor Next working day to UK

Air-con Compressor - Nissens 89052. For transmission type: Manual With air-conditioning. FIRST FIT PREFILLED PAG-OIL O-RINGS INCLUDED 115MM CLUTCH SUITABLE CLUTCH-Ø 100.

Dimensions: 0 x 0 x 0 Material: Aluminium/Aluminium OE Reference: 4F0.260.805 G. For installation by certified professional AC technician only. The system should be flushed PRIOR to replacement installation.

The receiver dryer should also be replaced at the same time, and the condition of the condenser inspected - replace if necessary. Also replaces following references: AUDI: 4F0260805I AUDI: 8E0260805BE AUDI: 4E0260805J AUDI: 4F0260805AG AUDI: 4F0260805G AUDI: 8K0260805L AUDI: 4F0260805AC AUDI: 8KD260805 AUDI: 8K0260805M AUDI: 8E0260805BF AUDI: 8E0260805CA AUDI: 8K0260805E AUDI: 8E0260805CD AUDI: 8E0260805BJ AUDI: 8E0260805BL AUDI: 4F0260805J AUDI: 8E0260805AG AUDI: 8E0260805AT AUDI: 8E0260805BA AUDI: 4F0260805M AUDI: 4F0260805P AUDI: 4F0260805S AUDI: 4F0260805N SEAT: 4F0260805G SEAT: 4F0260805AG SEAT: 4F0260805AC SEAT: 8KD260805 SEAT: 4E0260805J SEAT: 8K0260805M SEAT: 8K0260805L SEAT: 8K0260805E SEAT: 8E0260805CD SEAT: 8E0260805CA SEAT: 8E0260805BL SEAT: 8E0260805BJ SEAT: 8E0260805BE SEAT: 8E0260805BF SEAT: 8E0260805BA SEAT: 8E0260805AT SEAT: 8E0260805AG SEAT: 4F0260805S SEAT: 4F0260805P SEAT: 4F0260805M SEAT: 4F0260805N SEAT: 4F0260805I SEAT: 4F0260805J VALEO: 813150 VALEO: 813650 VAN WEZEL: 0300K272 VAN WEZEL: 0300K266 VAN WEZEL: 0300K262 VAN WEZEL: 0300K279 DENSO: DCP02014 DENSO: 4471903830 DENSO: 4471806581 DENSO: 4471903822 DENSO: 4471903820 DENSO: 4471806580 DENSO: 4471808093 DENSO: 4471808091 DENSO: 4472601320 DENSO: 4472209830 DENSO: 4471501920 DENSO: 4472209800 DENSO: 4471807729 DENSO: 4472209530 DENSO: 4472204760 DENSO: 4471807728 DENSO: 4471907850 DENSO: 4471501690 DENSO: 4471906933 DENSO: 4471906930 DENSO: 4471807727 DENSO: 4471906680 DENSO: 4471807725 DENSO: 4471906474 DENSO: 4471501600 DENSO: 4471807724 DENSO: 4471906472 DENSO: 4471906471 DENSO: 4471906470 DENSO: 4471501580 DENSO: 4471807723 DENSO: 4471906461 DENSO: 4471807720 DENSO: 4471906451 DENSO: 4471906447 DENSO: 4471806585 DENSO: 4471906440 DENSO: 4471904932 DENSO: 4471005580 DENSO: 4471904931 DENSO: 4471806584 DENSO: 4471904930 DENSO: 4471903842 DENSO: 4471806583 DENSO: 4471903840 DENSO: 4471903834 DENSO: 4471806582 DENSO: 4471903832 DENSO: DCP02038 DENSO: DCP02037 AKS DASIS: 851692N AKS DASIS: 851658N DELPHI: 100608 DELPHI: TSP0159969 DELPHI: TSP0155969 SCHLIECKMANN: 6003K279 SCHLIECKMANN: 6003K272 SCHLIECKMANN: 6003K266 SCHLIECKMANN: 6003K262 WAECO: 8880100238 BEHR HELLA SERVICE: 8FK351110881 BEHR HELLA SERVICE: 8FK351110381 4SEASONS: 98928 NRF: 32263 NRF: 32263G FRIGAIR: 92030157 AVA QUALITY COOLING: AIK338 AVA QUALITY COOLING: AIK262 AVA QUALITY COOLING: AIAK279 AVA QUALITY COOLING: AIAK262 ELSTOCK: 510133 LIZARTE: 810856005 LIZARTE: 810856001 TEAMEC: 8629611 HC-PARTS: AC430 HC-PARTS: AC288 DRI: 700510133 AUTO AIR GLOUCESTER: 149703P KLITECH: KT2263OE KLITECH: KT2263 LUCAS: ACP232. Other cross-reference(s): Auto Air UK: 14-9703P AVA: AIAK262 AIAK279 AIAK338 AIAK388 AIK262 AIK338 AIK380 AIK388 AIK399 BEHR: 8FK351007091 8FK351110381 8FK351110881 8FK351114461 8FK351114961 Delphi: TSP0155969 TSP0159969 Denso: 4471005580 4471501580 4471501600 4471501690 4471501920 4471806580 4471806581 4471806582 4471806583 4471806584 4471806585 4471807720 4471807723 4471807724 4471807725 4471807727 4471807728 4471807729 4471808091 4471808093 4471903820 4471903822 4471903830 4471903832 4471903834 4471903840 4471903842 4471904930 4471904931 4471904932 4471906440 4471906447 4471906451 4471906461 4471906470 4471906471 4471906472 4471906474 4471906680 4471906930 4471906933 4471907850 4472204760 4472209530 4472209800 4472209830 4472601320 DCP02014 DCP02035 DCP02037 DCP02038 DCP02041 DCP02060 DCP02065 DCP32061 NRF: 32263 32263G Valeo: 813150 813650. 0 x 0 x 0. Brand: Nissens Part Number: 89052.

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  • Brand: Nissens
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Denmark
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 89052
  • MPN: 89052
  • Other Part Number: AUDI: 4F0260805I AUDI: 8E0260805BE AUDI: 4E0260805
  • Part Manufacturer: Nissens
  • Reference OE/OEM Number: 4F0260805I 4F0260805J 4F0260805M 4F0260805N 4F
  • Dimensions (mm): 0 x 0 x 0
  • First Fit (seals/fixings inc): Yes
  • Material: Aluminium/Aluminium
  • Cross-references: 8E0260805AG | 4F0.260.805 G | 4F0.260.805 I | 4F0.
    Nissens 89052 Air-con Compressor Next working day to UK   Nissens 89052 Air-con Compressor Next working day to UK