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MAHLE BEHR A/C compressor ACP383000S

MAHLE BEHR A/C compressor ACP383000S

MAHLE BEHR A/C compressor ACP383000S    MAHLE BEHR A/C compressor ACP383000S
MAHLE BEHR A/C compressor [ACP383000S]. Brand: Mahle Behr Part Number: ACP383000S. Compressor, air conditioning - replacement for HELLA 8FK351113731. Replaces following reference(s): FORD: 1035433 FORD: 1018265 FORD: 15BYU19D629AA FORD: 96AW19D629CA FORD: 96BW19D629DA FORD: 96AW19D629CB FORD: 94AW19D629AA FORD: 94BW19D629DA FORD: 94BW19D629DB FORD: 94AW19D629AB FORD: 1406033 FORD: 6866404 FORD: 93BW19D629HA FORD: 6780044 FORD: 93BW19D629HC FORD: 93BW19D629HB FORD: 6997608 FORD: R93BW19D629HC FORD: XS4H19D629HA FORD: R94BW19D629DA FORD: R94BW19D629DB FORD: R96BW19D629DA FORD: 7058040 FORD: 5211564 HELLA: 8FK351113231 HELLA: 351113231 LUCAS ELECTRICAL: ACP166 LUCAS ELECTRICAL: ACP171 VALEO: 699671 VALEO: 699547 VALEO: 699329 VALEO: 699209 VALEO: 699047 VALEO: 813606 VALEO: 699709 VAN WEZEL: 1800K281 VAN WEZEL: 1800K280 DENSO: DCP10004 GERI: 945105A GERI: 945078A GERI: 941078 GERI: 945078 AKS DASIS: 852440N AKS DASIS: 850252N WAECO: 8880100095 WAECO: 8880110482 WAECO: 8880100033 WAECO: 015148 HELLA: 351113731 DELCO REMY: DAC8623303 DELCO REMY: DAC8623301 AURADIA: KPFD280 AURADIA: FDAK280 NISSENS: 89068 DELPHI DIESEL: TSP0159006 DELPHI DIESEL: TSP0155105 DELPHI DIESEL: TSP0155006 DELPHI DIESEL: TSP0155050K 4SEASONS: 58144 4SEASONS: 57144 VISTEON: 1016001015 NRF: 32107G NRF: 32107 NRF: 32076G NRF: 32076 NRF: 32060 FRIGAIR: 92060720 FRIGAIR: 92060718 FRIGAIR: 92060359 HOLGER CRISTIANSEN: AC277 VEMO: V25152004 AVA QUALITY COOLING: KPFD280 AVA QUALITY COOLING: FDK281 AVA QUALITY COOLING: FDK290 AVA QUALITY COOLING: FDK279 AVA QUALITY COOLING: FDK280 AVA QUALITY COOLING: FDAK280 AVA QUALITY COOLING: FDAK281 AVA QUALITY COOLING: FDAK279 CTR: 1201744 STANDARD: 581444SEASONS STANDARD: 571444SEASONS SIDAT: 18001 LIZARTE: 810502036 LIZARTE: 810502031 LIZARTE: 810502009 ALANKO: 550129 ALANKO: 550123 VACS: CA10207. FORD: 1018265 FORD: 1035433 FORD: 1406033 FORD: 15BYU19D629AA FORD: 3649380 FORD: 3985232 FORD: 4054456 FORD: 4345122 FORD: 4345123 FORD: 4660542 FORD: 4751945 FORD: 5211564 FORD: 6780044 FORD: 6866404 FORD: 6997608 FORD: 7058040 FORD: 93BW19D629HA FORD: 93BW19D629HB FORD: 93BW19D629HC FORD: 94AW19D629AA FORD: 94AW19D629AB FORD: 94BW19D629DA FORD: 94BW19D629DB FORD: 96AW19D629CA FORD: 96AW19D629CB FORD: 96BW19D629DA FORD: R93BW19D629HC FORD: R94BW19D629DA FORD: R94BW19D629DB FORD: R96BW19D629DA FORD: XS4H19D629HA. We will respond to you within 24 hours and do our best to help you out!

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  • Brand: Mahle Behr
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ACP383000S
  • MPN: ACP383000S
  • Other Part Number: 8FK 351 113-731
  • Part Manufacturer: Behr
  • Reference OE/OEM Number: 1018265 | 1035433 | 1406033 | 3649380 | 3985232 |
  • EAN: 4057635004565

MAHLE BEHR A/C compressor ACP383000S    MAHLE BEHR A/C compressor ACP383000S